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What is a New Global Normal Chapter?

A chapter is a youth-led group of students who work to carry out New Global Normal's mission in their local communities. Chapters organise activities and events that promote intercultural communication and engagement locally, collaborate with other New Global Normal chapters the world, and engage with the global NGN community through online networks and events.

Who Can Be a Chapter Leader?

If you are passionate about intercultural communication, then you could be a chapter leader! We are looking for collaborative, persevering students at schools and universities who are driven to make positive change.  

Why Should I Start a Chapter?

By establishing a New Global Normal chapter, you join the movement to unite a divided world and begin a conversation in your local community about the importance of bridging across cultural divides and recognising the value in our collective humanity. A New Global Normal chapter is a powerful mechanism to leverage multiculturalism in the student body and engage with the school community on the powerful outlook that this vests in us, and how we can use our unique positions as global citizens to make positive social change. Chapters also give members the opportunity to join a global network of youth passionate about intercultural communication, providing a space for members to practice active global citizenship whilst networking with fellow changemakers

What Support Do I Get?

Affiliated chapters are members of New Global Normal, giving exclusive access to resources, support, community networks, and advice. New Global Normal chapters receive the following benefits:

  • Endorsement to run organisation-endorsed and branded student chapter.

  • Chapter-specific subpage on the organisation’s website.

  • Google Workspace account for committee members.

  • Access to online subscriptions held by the organisation, including Canva Pro and Zoom.

  • Online community platform access. 

  • Free entrance to all NGN events.

  • Access to inter-chapter NGN events coordinated by the organisation, including a yearly virtual symposium.

  • Support and advice on chapter activities and programming provided by the organisation. 

What Do I Need To Start a Chapter?

Yourself! To start a chapter, all we ask is that you fill in our interest form and a member of our team will be in touch with the next steps!

How Do I Get Started?

Submit a chapter affiliation form using the link below. A member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to confirm the contents of the form and to schedule a call to help you get started!

Have questions? Interested in applying but don't know where to start?

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Start a Chapter: Pitch Deck
University Chapter Handbook
School Chapter Handbook
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