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  • I understand that a bubble exists when everything familiar and near defines our worldview - when the world outside seems irrelevant when it is in fact hugely relevant.

  • I recognise that I see one perspective of the world, and there are many other perspectives that are equally valid - no matter their geographical or cultural origin.

  • I vow to place values above politics and to, above all, recognise our shared humanity. I will engage with those who share different opinions and experiences from me.

  • I commit to address my biases, break out of my echo chamber, and engage with a diverse range of media and news sources.

  • I believe that change will happen, and that I can make it happen.

  • I pledge to #BurstTheBubble.

Pledge Now:



Image by Brian McGowan

Each of us lives in a ‘bubble’. Our bubbles contain all the things, information, news, and opinions that are nearest to us in our own families, communities, regions, cultures and religions. Floating inside our bubbles are the bits and pieces of life, living, and ways of thinking that are most familiar to us. They closely surround us and define how we react to other human beings and to the world itself.



The ‘old global normal’ was disrupted in 2020 as escalating populism and localism collided with a disastrous global pandemic. In the old global normal, people, communities and countries couldn’t see clearly outside of their own bubbles. If we had escaped our bubbles and worked together, the pandemic would not have hit as hard as it did, and lives would not have been lost at the scale we have seen. The fact that this didn’t happen is scary - if we cannot unite in the face of a pandemic, then how on earth can we tackle climate change and vaccine distribution?

Together, we now face a challenge to respond to these failures, right wrongs and construct a new global normal. Change starts with each of us. By pledging to burst the bubble, we take the first step in creating a new global normal.

Image by Macau Photo Agency
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