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Our Mission

To unite a divided world.


New Global Normal is a non-partisan, youth-led, action-based international movement formed amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. The movement strives to promote meaningful communication, understanding and cooperation across cultural divides.


Our lives were disrupted in 2020 as escalating populism and localism collided with a disastrous global pandemic. Heightened levels of xenophobia exposed the harmful ideological rhetoric and cultural misunderstandings that clouds personal and political relationships between individuals of different cultural backgrounds and experiences.


Yet the pandemic has also birthed a newfound attention to our strength as a global community. When we work together and celebrate our diversity, we are stronger as a human race. We seek to harness this positive energy to create a new global normal, where global cooperation is commonplace and we all understand our place as members of a thriving global community.

Investing in engagement is investing in peace. 

Our Objectives

Our Goals

Advocate and inform purposeful engagement with individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

Encourage cultural curiosity in students. 

Foster meaningful connections with individuals from different social and cultural backgrounds. 

Raise awareness of the importance of intercultural communication and global citizenship.



Through our #BuildBridgesNotWalls campaign, we are striving to establish at least 5 local chapters by the end of 2022

Our goal
is to be
our generation's 
leading voice
for the promotion of intercultural dialogue.


We aim to build an online community of the leaders of tomorrow who are attuned to the importance of understanding, communication and empathy across cultural divides.

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