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Who We Are

Gabby Green
Founder & President

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I founded New Global Normal in June 2020. Inspired by my own experience growing up as a third culture kid in Hong Kong and South Korea, I strive to make the world a better place by promoting active global citizenship. Through New Global Normal I endeavour to create a movement that leverages multiculturalism in student bodies worldwide and engages communities on the importance of intercultural communication in our social, personal, and academic lives.

I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews in Economics and International Relations. Alongside my studies, I am also an actor, having performed in the 2019 university production of The Children's Hour and Aurora Theatre's 'Covid & Cigarettes' 2020 online showcase. I am a passionate guitarist, and avid photographer. In my free time I pursue my lifelong study of Mandarin. 

Melvin Mofus

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I am passionate about social and global change, human rights, and creating a positive future. My experience of being a first generation Nigerian American, born and raised in New York, first introduced me to the concept of  multiculturalism and taught me the importance of embracing our differences. Empowered by New Global Normal, I write and research matters pertaining to culture, current events, and our ever changing world so people from all backgrounds can learn something new. 


I am currently enrolled in the City College of New York, where I will be studying to attain a degree in International Studies and Black Studies. Some of my hobbies include podcasting and writing and I am interested in music, technology, fashion, astronomy, and the environment.

Noura Mahmoud
President, University of St Andrews Chapter

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I have always been passionate about cross-cultural connection and understanding; coming from a multi-religious, multi-cultural household, working to find unifying similarities and unique differences was instilled in me. As New Global Normal’s University of St Andrews Chapter President I hope to foster conversation and strength through the diversity of our school’s community.


I am currently a second year at St Andrews, studying International Relations and Modern History. In my studies my interest lies in human rights, gender, and the constructs shaping our world. In my free time I enjoying writing opinion pieces and poetry, improving my Spanish, and baking for my friends.

Eunji Shin
Co-President, Seoul Chapter

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Through my interest in human rights, equality and justice, as well as my experience living in both England and South Korea, I am extremely passionate about the importance of celebrating multiculturalism. Having explored internationalism as an avid Model United Nations aficionado, I aim to create unity in a divided world and normalise third-culturalism in our society. As the Co-President of the New Global Normal Dulwich College Seoul Chapter, I hope to inspire students to embrace their diverse cultural backgrounds and their identities as Third-Culture Kids (TCK). 

I am currently a Year 12 student at Dulwich College Seoul entering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Some of my hobbies include writing blog entries, participating in MUNs, playing badminton, baking and reading. 

Claire Jong
Co-President, Seoul Chapter

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By attending an international school for 11 years and counting, I have always lived in a multicultural and multireligious environment. Growing up in this atmosphere that highly regards diverse cultural backgrounds, I have also learned the significance of acknowledging our differences and unifying them for the better: to develop richer connections, more widespread awareness, and more engaging student education. As New Global Normal’s Dulwich College Seoul Chapter Co-President, I wish to promote the importance and normalisation of multiculturalism in South Korea’s society. 


I am currently a Year 12 student at Dulwich College Seoul studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Regarding my studies, I am interested in human rights, the environment, and social sciences, such as economics and psychology. In my free time, I enjoy writing blogs and articles, reading, playing the piano, and spending time with my friends.

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